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About us

We do things a bit differently from the big guys.

We don’t do dodgy salesmen or inflated prices, no fake discounts or cheap materials.

We do great windows at even better prices, with 5-star Google reviewed customer service. 

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Why choose Strathclyde Windows?

As you’ve probably already noticed, we do things a bit differently here.

We’re fed up of bad apples in our industry, the dodgy salesmen, the inflated prices, fake discounts, cheap materials and the rotten customer service. We’ve worked for most of the big names and know all the games they play. We could go on, but we know you’ve not got all day.

5-Star Reviews


Great Customer Service

All customers are different, and by taking the time to properly understand your requirements we will fit the right windows for you, at the right price.


Our Values
  • Honest
  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable

Why choose us to fit your Double Glazing?

It’s not about us and what we want to sell you, it’s about you and what you want for your home. And if you’re anything like most of our customers you’ll want quality which will last, at a price you can afford, all without being treated like a schmuck.

That’s why we don’t hide our guarantee on page 47 in the tiny print. It’s why we don’t start your quote at a ridiculous level and ‘discount’ it until you give in. And it’s why we don’t engage in ‘phoning the boss’, ‘only available today’, ‘this product is being discontinued soon’ or any other pressure tactics.

It’s also why we stick to what we know, windows and doors. We don’t build conservatories, convert garages or encourage you to stretch yourself to an orangery. We don’t do kitchens or bathrooms either. And while we’re at it we’ll never try to convince you that 0% finance is a thing. Because it’s not. If you borrow money you pay extra, somewhere. Some companies are very good at hiding the increased cost, but it’s there.

If you want to improve your home, with the security of a guarantee from the largest trade supplier in the UK and to deal with a company who will put your needs front and centre get in touch.

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We install top quality windows and doors at a price you can afford. Quality windows and excellent customer service – rated 5 stars on Google Reviews. Now with Pay Monthly options.

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