Renovation Kirkintilloch

Everyone wants value for money, and the people of Kirkintilloch are no exception. Which is why our double glazing renovation service is perfect. If you’ve thought about replacing your double glazing but beenput off by the cost, the mess or the length of time it takes to complete then window renovation is the obvious answer.

As the main loss of heat from any window is through the glass, not the frame, in many cases people buying double glazing don’t actually need it (despite what the salesman says). What they need is the latest high performance glass.

Our renovation service addresses this head on, by replacing only what is necessary. We check your frames are suitable for new glass (most are), and we replace with brand new custom made argon filled, soft coated glass from Pilkington. We also rejuvenate your existing uPVC frames so they look like new, and repair or replace any damaged handles and/or hinges. And for the final piece of the jigsaw we install a brand new uPVC front door, so your home not only will be warmer, but it will have a fresh new look as well.

If you are selling a home in Kirkintilloch, if you are a landlord looking to save money or simply a homeowner wanting to reduce heating bills our window renovation service fits the bill.

Windows Rutherglen

Strathclyde Windows are the number one supplier for double glazed windows in Rutherglen. Our range of casement windows, tilt and turn windows and X windows are designed with you in mind. Featuring argon filled units, neoprene seals and security hinges our windows offer the best in energy efficiency and security for your home. Our window frames are six chamber uPVC, which offers not only strength but an improved barrier to cold air escaping.

Our standard casement windows come custom made for your home and can be ordered in a wide range of different styles, colours and openings. We also do opaque glass for bathrooms. You can choose from a selection of handle options as well, so your windows really will be unique to your home. You can even select different colours inside and out, to match your interior decor.

Tilt and turn windows offer ease of cleaning and are especially suited to upper floors. You can vary the amount of tilt to regulate air flow, and because they open inwards for cleaning you never need a ladder again. We also offer a full range of options including Georgian bars and leaded panes.

If you are looking for new double glazing in Rutherglen check us out.

Window renovation is also much better for the environment, as it’s better to repair than replace. Less materials are used and less waste is created so it’s a win all round.

Our Home Facelift service is available to cost savvy homeowners and landlords in Rutherglen.

Windows Paisley

Our window installation teams have been fitting windows in paisley for most of 2017 so far Most popular windows that are fitted are Upvc tilt and turn windows in the tenement flats around the city centre. Most common style is UPVC tilt and turn over a fixed frames to make window area safe when open and for cleaning also to make the property safe in the event of a fire, changing your windows for energy efficient windows not only keeps the heat in but also enhances the look of your home from the inside and out making your home look modern and perfect to open for fresh air on nice summer days. All our products are custom made to fit your property and come standard with energy care glass that keeps the heat in and saves you money on your heating bills,

At Strathclyde windows we have a full range of windows to suit your property upvc casement windows, upvc full reversible windows and upvc sash and case, the full range can be supplied and fitted in any ral chart colour there are over 1500 colours to pick from.

Our fitting teams will go the extra mile to make sure your property Is well looked after they will help by moving some furniture if you need help to do so. With our fitting teams fitting windows in paisley most of the time I am sure they may even pop in to say hello.

Windows Kirkintilloch

Looking for new windows in Kirkintilloch? Our comprehensive double glazing service ensures you get what you want and what’s best for your home and your lifestyle.

Casement windows are the most popular option, and are the standard window with outward opening if required. Sizes and openings can be made in whatever combination you need. Our standard casements come in a wide range of colours and finished, from standard uPVC to contemporary grey to woodgrain which mimics the look of traditional timber windows. You can even opt for different colours inside and out for example white outside to match your exterior wall finish and woodgrain inside to match your interior furnishings.

Tilt and turn windows are very popular in Kirkintilloch and the surrounding area because they are perfect for traditional tenement style buildings. The tilt allows ventilation and the turn allows ease of cleaning, especially on upper floors. They also meet all safety standards, and offer easy escape in case of fire.

We also offer full reversible windows, which are similar to tilt and turn in that they offer the option to clean from the inside. Some people prefer these because the window opens outward like a casement, but offers the benefits of tilt and turn.

All of our windows are made from quality materials, with multi chamber profiles and the latest energy efficient glass.

Windows Cumbernauld

Our Homes come in various shapes sizes and styles so it is only logical that the windows do the same. For our Cumbernauld customers we offer an extensive range of window styles that can be tailored to any property. Each window made is bespoke and styled to your home. You put your personal touch on the decorating of your home so why not do the same for your windows as well?

Strathclyde Windows currently have a wide range of finishes for any window’s so they are personalised to you and your home. The windows can be done in contemporary colours and wood effect finishes to give your windows a unique touch. All of our windows, regardless of their style are fitted with the latest hardware for maximum security to ensure you that you not only have high quality windows but you feel safe in your home as well.

So no matter if your home is old or new, or you want 1 window or a full set of windows and you are Cumbernauld based and would like to enquire further about our extensive window range then don’t hesitate to contact Strathclyde Windows on: 0141 2808585 for a free quote.