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Why choose us to fit your Doors?

We don’t install uPVC doors, because we don’t think they’re good enough for our customers. We only fit composite doors with security hinges and quality handles. AND we upgrade every single one with a premium anti-snap cylinder lock, resistant to drilling, picking and snapping. Which means maximum protection for your home and everything and everybody in it.

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All customers are different, and by taking the time to properly understand your requirements we will fit the right windows for you, at the right price.


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Why choose us to fit your Doors?

A door’s a door, right? Wrong.

Cheap uPVC doors, the type you see advertised in the back of newspapers for a few hundred pounds are essentially made of polystyrene. And they’re about as strong and durable as you might expect a polystyrene door to be, i.e. not very. On the outside they might look like any other, but cut one open and it’s a different story (we’ll show you if you want!).

Our quality composite doors offer unrivalled strength and security. Made from a combination of modern materials, they provide the ultimate in thermal efficiency, meaning your home stays as toasty as possible. AND because they carry the Police approved ‘Secure By Design’ mark if someone did manage to break in we pay £1000.

Everyone loves a bargain (even us), but a door isn’t like a cheap t-shirt you might wear twice then give to the charity shop. Your door is the main point of access to your home. Is it really an area you want to scrimp on? And if it’s not working properly in a year, and having to be replaced in two, was it really a bargain at all?

There are plenty of companies who will sell you a dirt cheap door. Your home deserves better though, and for not much more we can fit a quality unit which will last for years.

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