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What’s the truth about Double Glazing Discounts?

Google the phrase ‘double glazing Glasgow’ (or any other city) and you’ll see a handful of adverts at the top of the page, mostly from the biggest names in the industry. And they will all say essentially the same thing, offers from 30-60% off, and always time limited to encourage you to act now.

But do it next week, or the week after, or the one after that and they will say the same. They dress the ‘discount’ up as something new e.g. winter discount, summer discount, discount because it’s Wednesday or something else but the premise is the same- money off if you click now.

How this works is they will quote you a ridiculous price which is ‘guaranteed for 12 months’. Big deal, because nobody pays this price anyway. But quoting high does two things; it suggests the products are high quality (they’re not necessarilly), and it allows them to apply their various ‘discounts’ to these ‘top of the range’ products. They will dress these discounts up as if somehow you are special and getting a better deal than others. For example ‘we have surveyors in your area next week’ allows them to ‘discount’ a bit more because there is little extra cost for the surveyor to see you as well. Or ‘we’ve hit all our targets for the month’, which allows the salesman to claim that because targets are met he can drop the price to an otherwise unachievable number. These are all simply tired old sales tricks to encourange you to act now, before it’s ‘too late’.

But as we mentioned before, next week will have almost exactly the same offers, so how would you be missing out on anything?

And finally, psychology suggests that people like to feel that they have got a great deal. Which is another reason they play this game. If you think you have beaten the salesman down from £15k to £6k you might feel you’re the new Alan Sugar, but in reality £6k is what the salesman wanted (and around 20% is his to keep) and you could have got the same result elsewhere for £4k. How is that a great deal?

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