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Family run

What’s the truth about family run glazing companies?

Family run business, established 20 years” is the type of thing we see regularly on double glazing adverts and websites. But why? Sounds friendly, but is it relevant?

Most of the products in your home, from your Apple phone to your DFS sofa to your Tesco orange juice aren’t from family run businesses. It’s not even a consideration when you go shopping. So should it matter when you need windows? We don’t think so.

Family run often means resistant to change, as older generations don’t let the younger ones modernise. So you get a product which was great 20 years ago but has since been overtaken by others. Or you experience poor communications or outdated sales practices.

We believe the key for customers is to deal with a professional business, offering quick and effective communication and a quality installation at the right price. Being family run (or being in business a certain number of years) doesn’t guarantee that. We think it often helps prevent it.

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