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Green Planet

What’s the truth about Green Planet deals?

This one’s great. A quote sheet for the salesman to fill out in your home. Notice the main section? Similar to most companies they offer a 12 month fixed price- this is the ridiculous price which nobody pays. Why is it there? To illustrate how great a ‘discount’ you are about to be offered…

The ‘Green Planet Promotion’. You might think this has something to do with energy efficiency, recycling or some government incentive. That’s what they want you to think. But it’s not. All you have to do to qualify for the ‘discount’ is agree to immediate survey and installation, have some photos done and a board in the garden. Nothing whatsoever to do with anything ‘green’. And who would say no to any of that if they are ‘saving’ thousands?

So we have an inflated ‘retail’ price and a promotional price with a big juicy discount. But as you can see in the small print at the bottom the ‘discount’ is only available on the day. Surprise surprise. All standard practice to convince you to buy now, because if you went elsewhere you’d maybe realise how bad a deal it actually is.

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