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Like for like quotes

Do companies really match like-for-like quotes?

A common sales tactic of double glazing firms is to claim they will ‘beat any like for like quote’. Which naturally sounds attractive, so what’s the catch?

Some companies make it impossible to get a like for like quote in the first place.

For example say a company makes it’s own glass or window profile (the frame)- nobody else sells the same thing so you can never get a like for like quote. Or when some companies buy so much from a manufacturer they have exclusivity in a region, and no other businesses are allowed to sell the same product. Again you cannot compare like with like.

Or it could be as simple as the company promising the best quote doesn’t offer the same glass or handles as the one you’ve already had a quote from. The idea is to avoid you making a straight comparison.

This simple trick allows them to advertise ‘we’ll beat any like for like quote’ whilst knowing there’s no such thing. But it means they’re able to get into your home and try to sell you windows. And because you can’t compare apples with apples there’s every chance the windows will be overpriced.

Beware of ‘like for like’ quotes!

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