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More discounts for online only?

As you might have guessed, online only discounts are just another example of double glazing companies trying to pull the wool over you eyes in an attempt to extract as much money as possible from you.

In this example the ‘additional 5% off’ (because 50% is never enough!) is displayed at least twice on the homepage of their website. BUT if you go to the T&Cs in the small print at the foot of the page you will find the important and tell-all condition. (We’ve added it to the homepage so you can see how ridiculous it is).

‘Only available if requested prior to initial quotation’. Stop and think why that might be. Quite simply before you get the discount of 5%, first they have to add 5% or more to the price. What possible other reason could there be?

Do you want to deal with a company who uses such underhand tactics to secure your business?

Strathclyde Windows. Exposing the secrets of the double glazing industry.


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