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What’s the truth about Scrappage?

Your old windows are worthless. In actual fact they are less than worthless because councils and recyclers charge money to dispose of them. So why does this company offer you £2000 for them?

It’s a fake discount. To ‘give’ you £2000 off first they have to add at least £2000 to your price, although obviously they won’t tell you that. They dress this up in the ‘scrappage scheme’ terminology because it sounds official. Years ago the government created a scrappage scheme to get old cars off the road, where you’d receive more money for your car if it was scrapped and not sold on to somebody else. But there is NO SUCH SCHEME for double glazing. This is a simply a company using official sounding terminology to trick you into thinking you are getting a great deal. You’re not.

And because in the wonderful world of double glazing one trick is never enough, they add a second to really tempt you.

Whilst it’s true that all windows lose heat, and that newer more efficient windows perform better than old ones, how much heat are we actually talking about? This company suggests you will save money each year on energy bills. But will you really?

The average UK annual gas bill is around £750. Let’s be generous and say your new windows are TWICE as efficient, so you only use half of the gas (and that is VERY generous!). Your new bill is around £375, so saving £375 per year. That bit is true. But your new windows cost £8000 (even after they subtracted the £4000 scrappage discount!). So how many years would you have to wait before it’s been worthwhile? In this example, twenty-one!

Will you still be in the property in twenty-one years time? And even if you are, this company only offers a ten year guarantee. So if in fifteen years you need to replace the windows again, did you really save any money at all?

There are many reasons to buy new double glazing. But expecting it to pay for itself through reduced heating bills? Not likely.

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