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Why choose us to fit your windows?

We believe our industry has created big problems for itself and (more importantly) consumers. The constant reliance on ‘discounts’ means customers often have no idea about value i.e. what they should be paying for a given set of products. 50% off might sound great but if the final price is still higher than you could get elsewhere for the same product then it’s clearly not really a good deal at all.

Our response to this is not to rely on dodgy discounts. We price jobs simply and transparently which allows you to get quality at the right price. A price which is good value for you and allows us to stay in business. Which in turn means we’ll still be around if for any reason you need us again.

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All customers are different, and by taking the time to properly understand your requirements we will fit the right windows for you, at the right price.


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How do we price windows?

We understand everyone wants a good deal, and customers like to push hard for a cheaper price, because in their mind all double glazing firms do 50% off as a starting point. We don’t. We’re happy to work within your budget but won’t haggle back and forward because like for like we know we’re already very competitive. If a customer pushes for a rock bottom price, they are likely to get a rock bottom job. Cheaper materials, poorer finishes, potential problems. After all, if the company isn’t making any money what’s in it for them to make things perfect?

Ultimately you can’t buy a new Rolls Royce for Mondeo money. And let’s be honest, if something is genuinely cheap it’s usually cheap for a reason.

So we’re not the cheapest out there, and don’t pretend to be. But we’re significantly more attractive than most of the big companies with the huge overheads. We challenge anyone to find the same quality at a better price. Get in touch and find out!

And while we’re at it, what about deposits?

You’ll see a lot of companies advertising the fact they don’t ask for a deposit before any work takes place. This can obviously be attractive to customers, but let’s examine why deposits are actually a good thing and not something to be avoided.

Deposits are about security, for both sides. The company wants the security of being paid (or at least not being out of pocket), and the customer wants the security that their chosen company will still be around in the months and years to come, in case any issues arise.

One of the most common reasons some large companies don’t ask for a deposit is because they are signing customers up on (expensive) finance deals. They don’t need a deposit, as they have got their security in a different way; your signed finance agreement that states you will pay £x every month for x years. If you don’t make the payments they could pursue you through the courts.

Other companies see the ‘no deposit’ adverts and feel they have to match them to compete. But if they are not offering finance as above, they leave the customer (and themselves) open to risk.

Deposits typically cover the cost of materials. Taking a deposit of 50% means that if for some reason the customer ends up not paying (as happens from time to time) the company is not out of pocket for the materials they purchased, only their time (if the job was started).

If companies don’t take deposits they run the risk that a customer doesn’t pay and they are liable for thousands of pounds of materials. This causes obvious cash flow problems, which if they get too serious means the company can’t pay its bills and will consequently go out of business. Paying a deposit increases the chances of the company being run on a financially solvent basis, and as such provides the customer with the security they will be around not just for their installation date, but for years to come. You never know when you might need a problem rectified, to claim on a guarantee or you simply want to buy more products.

On that basis we think it’s fair and reasonable to ask for a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance paid on completion of the job.


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