Windows Kirkintilloch

Looking for new windows in Kirkintilloch? Our comprehensive double glazing service ensures you get what you want and what’s best for your home and your lifestyle.

Casement windows are the most popular option, and are the standard window with outward opening if required. Sizes and openings can be made in whatever combination you need. Our standard casements come in a wide range of colours and finished, from standard uPVC to contemporary grey to woodgrain which mimics the look of traditional timber windows. You can even opt for different colours inside and out for example white outside to match your exterior wall finish and woodgrain inside to match your interior furnishings.

Tilt and turn windows are very popular in Kirkintilloch and the surrounding area because they are perfect for traditional tenement style buildings. The tilt allows ventilation and the turn allows ease of cleaning, especially on upper floors. They also meet all safety standards, and offer easy escape in case of fire.

We also offer full reversible windows, which are similar to tilt and turn in that they offer the option to clean from the inside. Some people prefer these because the window opens outward like a casement, but offers the benefits of tilt and turn.

All of our windows are made from quality materials, with multi chamber profiles and the latest energy efficient glass.